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Infinity Realty Advisors (“Infinity”) was formed by Asia Pacific Capital Company, Inc. and Jiangxi-Hengmao Real Estate Development Co Ltd which will provide a new conduit for Asian investment. With a growing demand for syndication and asset management services, Infinity Realty decides to serve clients abroad with a broader network in mainland China.

Asia Pacific Capital Company has advised clients primarily from Asia on the acquisition of over $2 billion in real estate transactions. For the past 30 years, Asia Pacific Capital Company, under the leadership of Eddy Chao, has negotiated real estate transactions of all property types in the United States and has delivered excellent returns to its investors.

Through strategic partnership with brokers, attorneys, property managers, architects, designers, and other real estate professionals, APCC has exclusive access to investment opportunities and a team of experienced professionals able to execute on complex transactions. Most notably, APCC on December 2014 completed the acquisition of the LAX Marriott for Sichuan Xinglida Group at a purchase price of $160 million. In the prior year, the APCC also advised the same group for the acquisition of the Marriott in Torrance, CA for $74 million.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide highly professional, risk-averse real estate investment management for our financial partners and investment clients. We achieve this through dedication to prudent underwriting, diligent management oversight and stable performance based on superior returns without high risk. Our ultimate goal is investment success, measured by the benefits produced for our clients.


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